Spot & Stain Removal at competitive prices

Its a fact of life accidents happen, but do not panic we are here to help.

Most spots and stains can easily be removed using our normal cleaning process. However some will require special attention.

Our fully trained operators will attempt to clean and remove all stains, unfortunately not all stains can be removed, customers will be informed if a stain is permanent or not.

Carpet & Upholstery Protection
We also offer carpet & upholstery protection, this will help provide a protective barrier against accidents and spills.

Odour Treatment & Removal
Odours in your carpets left by animals, smoking, food and drink etc. are unpleasant and can remain in your carpet for long periods of time.

Normal cleaning methods will not always remove stubborn odours, it is necessary to get to the source and neutralise the odour forming bacteria.

We do not just mask the odour but eliminate it.

Before and after photos